Double belt presses from HELD

Highly efficient production for top quality

Double belt presses are the ideal plant for the continuous production of foil and board material in a single pass. This material may be made of foils or films, woven or non-woven fabrics, granules, powder or similar. Components are guided through the press singly or in combination between two continuous steel belts. The steel belts are guided through the inlet and outlet around steel drums. Between them there are pressure plates in what is known as the reaction zone. Here temperature and pressure are applied to the materials being fed through.

Technology deployed by HELD leverages the benefits of an isobaric pressure cushion, as well as effective heat transfer elements. The physics of this result in uniform pressure distribution and excellent heat transfer properties. Heating and cooling are possible at a constant pressure, thereby enabling highly economical and top-quality production.

For many years now, HELD's state-of-the-art technology has included continuous operation at temperatures up to 400 °C and a specific surface pressure of max. 80 bar. Our double belt presses are also extremely versatile: materials produced by HELD are used in a wide range of industry sectors.

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