Tailored service enhances efficiency

Plant service for optimised economic efficiency

Your HELD plant is intended to work for you reliably and efficiently for a long time. That is why we provide tailored customer service whenever you need us – worldwide. We will install and commission your plant and handle replacement parts, maintenance and repairs, as well as any upgrade work that may be required. What is more, we provide a convenient online service for swift troubleshooting or queries about process parameters.

Steel belt service for a long service life

Durability is a key objective for us when it comes to your steel belts. That is why HELD's skilled service team is available for machine surface cleaning tasks and for removing surface damage.

Training for increased profitability

Only optimally trained operating and maintenance staff are able to fully exploit the advantages and possibilities of your plant from HELD. A targeted induction to your specified plant may be held at our site during or after acceptance or on your premises following installation.


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