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What is whistleblowing?

Whistleblowing means "to uncover", "to draw attention to something". A whistleblower is therefore a person, a whistleblower, who uncovers grievances within the organisation and reports them to a specially established office. Whistleblowers can use an electronic mailbox to communicate tips, violations or confidential information to the reporting office..

Confidentiality requirement/identity protection

It shall be ensured that the identity of the reporting person and of those mentioned in the report is not disclosed to any person other than the authorised staff responsible for receiving reports or for taking follow-up action on reports without their express consent. This also applies to any other information from which the identity of the reporting person could be directly or indirectly inferred.

Documentation obligation

All reports shall be documented in accordance with confidentiality obligations. Messages are not kept longer than is necessary and proportionate. Personal reports shall be recorded in an accurate and complete transcript. The transcript shall then be reviewed by the reporting person, corrected if necessary, and signed, unless an anonymous report is made.

Ban on reprisals

MROS protects the reporting person from direct or indirect acts or omissions in the professional context that are triggered by an internal report and that cause or may cause the reporting person to suffer an unjustified disadvantage.


How to make an (anonymous) report?

Entries can be made directly via the homepage, in the form provided above, by e-mail at whistleblower@held-tech.de or in person at the registration office. It is not necessary to reveal your identity. If you wish to receive feedback, please provide an e-mail address.


What happens next?

  1. After receipt of the report, a confirmation of receipt is sent within 7 days, unless the report was submitted anonymously.2
  2. A case-by-case examination is then carried out. Feedback is given to the reporting person within an appropriate time frame.
  3. If necessary, appropriate follow-up measures are taken.
  4. Once the procedure has been completed, the data is deleted, unless there are special retention obligations.

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