We would like to inform you about our online presentation on the series production of composites with a double belt press. The presentation was conducted by Dr. Dirk Bonefeld from Envalior and Christian Kesterke from Held Technologie at JEC World 2024 as part of the conference programme. We hope you find it informative and useful.

Title: "Highly scalable production of composites with a HELD Double Belt Press exemplified by TEPEX®"

This presentation is designed for professionals who develop, improve, test materials or would like to produce samples as well as Enthusiasts who are eager to expand their knowledge of composite production technologies.

Topics include:

Understanding the Double Belt Press (DBP): Functionality and Advantages

The versatile applications of a HELD DBP in terms of used materials, processes and treatments

Applications and Case Studies such as TEPEX®

Future Trends and Innovations in Composite Manufacturing

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Questions? Reach out to Christian Kesterke.

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