What is the significance of lightweight for HELD and what contribution does HELD make to lightweight industry? We will reveal in the digital showroom !

HELD has long taken responsibility for driving the transformation process to a sustainable economy far beyond the region. The keywords are renewable energy, resource efficient production and savings potential through leightweight solutions in transportation. The recycling management is also important: Innovative composite materials e.g. made of recyclable fibers can replace metallic materials in order to reduce costs and to achieve a series of sustainability effects throughout the entire supply chain while at the same time maintaining the product quality.

You have a manufacturing idea and would like to test composite materials, for example consisting of fabric, fibers, thermoplastics or thermosets? You already have a product that you would like to mass produce in top quality? Feel free to contact us, we will be pleased to advise you on our flexible production possibilities of our double belt press plants. You can also request an appointment in our Technology Park.

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