HELD and the environment

Sustainability is very important to us. 

In addition to economic factors, protecting the environment to the greatest possible extent is a key focus of our plant engineering. That is why we attach great importance to using renewable energy to optimum effect. Our promise of Turning ideas into solutions applies here too: we have installed photovoltaics with a total rated output of 410 kWp on roofs across the HELD site. Annually, this approximately equates to 400,000 kWh of electricity generated solely from solar energy. We also use hydro power, predominantly from the High Rhine.

In addition to photovoltaics and hydro power, heat recovery also plays an important role at HELD. In this case, heat is recovered from the coolant used for our plant and then fed into the heating circuit for buildings. In summer, by contrast, the waste heat from double belt presses is used to cool the offices. Water is passed over an absorber for this purpose.
Thanks to photovoltaics, heat recovery and hydro power, HELD is reducing its CO2 emissions by a total of approximately 900 tonnes, year after year.

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